Date: Tuesday 6 September 2016,
Doors 7:00pm

DARREN HANLON (The Wayward Bus Tour)

GUESTS: Eric Isaacson + The Grand Magoozi

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The Grand Magoozi 7.30pm
Eric Isaacson 8.40pm
Darren Hanlon 9.30pm til 11pm

Darren Hanlon is taking a musical road trip into Australia's great unknown over four weeks this spring, spanning over 8000 kms and many different communities far and wide. Hanlon has often veered off the roads most traveled to sing his songs in regional towns, but this trip heads into uncharted territory even for him, stopping at the smaller spots on the map throughout Victoria, South Australia, NSW, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

"I love the challenges in seeking new places in your own country," he says, "In my experience every town out there is different in what they expect out of a band so you've gotta be pretty malleable and thick-skinned. It's boot camp for the entertainer”.

Coming along with him to open each night are Melbourne’s folk songsters the Grand Magoozi, new signings to his label Flippin Yeah Records, and garnering much love on Regional ABC and national community radio with their debut self titled album. Also along for the ride is Eric Isaacson, owner and curator of Portland OR label and shop Mississippi Records. Through his exclusive access to the Alan Lomax film archives, Eric has assembled a short collage of rare and never before seen footage of some great moments in the history of American music

Sorry, there are no tickets available for sale yet.